10 Steps to Purchasing a Chicago Home

So you’ve found that perfect home after searching for a week, a month, or a year. So what’s next? Most likely you’ve already done your pre-approval and financially qualified the home to make sure it’s in your budget. The next steps will show in detail of how to make that perfect home yours.

1. Ask for the Home owner’s disclosures such as “lead paint”, “Radon”, and the Seller’s disclosure that lists about 20 items that are critical to a well functioning home. If you are buying a foreclosure the seller will not provide disclosures. So a home inspection is crucial.

2. Next a CMA or Comparative Market Analysis prepared by gathering at least 3 sold homes with in close proximity and similar features will help determine value and offer price. If a home is asking 200k and the comparable sales are 195k, the home is well priced.

3. Making the offer: These are the 5 negotiable parts of the contract.

Earnest Money ( good faith deposit kept in escrow until closing when it is returned)
Closing Date
Personal property ( appliances, fixtures, furniture)
Financing (FHA, VA, Conventional, Cash)
4. After the contract is negotiated it’s time to get busy. A home inspection should be scheduled in the 1st 5 days after acceptance. The inspection will help determine if there are any defective parts of the home and issues that need to be repaired.

5. An attorney should be contact as well to review the contract and get in writing home inspection issues that the seller agreed to fix or give as cash credits. (with in 10 business days after contract acceptance)

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Termite Inspection
Well Inspection
Septic Inspection
Radon Testing
Water Testing
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Mold Inspection

6. Contact your mortgage lender and let them know you have an accepted contract. They will take a mortgage application and start your loan processing. They will ask for additional documentation such as bank statements, pay stubs, w22s and tax returns.

7. Many of the next steps take place behind the scenes. The underwriting your loan will begin to make sure all documentation is place and the appraisal will be order to verify the properties value meets the loan amount.