Rethinking the Role of Banner Ads

Website owners often fail to understand that by overloading their sites with banner ads, they are actually driving traffic away. These ads make their sites unattractive and slow, which can be a major turnoff for visitors. The banner ads that were supposed to generate income end up driving potential customers away.

The Public’s Perception of Banner Ads

Ask yourself this question: “Do you enjoy banner ads?” Now, consider why you believe others would feel differently. While large ads may be successful in traditional media like magazines, newspapers, and phone books, they can be a nuisance on the web, consuming bandwidth and slowing down browsing speeds.
The Popularity of Ad Blockers

2m roller banners
wide roller banner
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It’s no surprise that one of the most visited sections on our website is the one that offers programs to eliminate banners and pop-up windows. Many people are tired of intrusive, in-your-face advertising and are fed up with the clutter of ads that fill most websites.
The Impact of Removing Banner Ads

Not long ago, we decided to remove all the banner ads from our site, leaving only text links. The results were astounding – we saw a significant increase in both traffic and revenue. Removing the banners not only boosted our popularity but also our profits. Interestingly, not a single person complained about the banners being removed.
Why Advertisers Still Use Banner Ads

You might be wondering, “Why do advertisers still use banner ads if they are so unpopular with the public?” The answer is simple: Name Recognition! Advertisers don’t necessarily care if people buy from your site as long as they remember the product or service and purchase it at some point.