Property in Spain – Guide to Buying Property in Spain



The Spanish Property Market

When it comes to investing in property in Europe, Spain has been on the top of the list for nearly thirty years. A significant number of foreign nationals have spent a great deal of money on property located in Spain during this time period.

As time moves forward into the 21st century, the Spanish real estate market has not been as hot as it was some five years ago. Nonetheless, the returns that most investors have realized through real estate holdings and investments in Spain have remained high. In addition, the market itself has remained fairly stable overall.

Population: 40.4mCurrency: EuroCapital: MadridCountry dialling code: 0034 Flag of SpainFlag of the European Union


Investment Property in Spain

As referenced previously, a significant number of buyers from different countries around the world have invested rather heavily in real estate in Spain. Since the restoration of the monarchy in Spain, the gates have been opened to heavy foreign investment in property ownership by overseas buyers. (During the reign of General Franco in Spain, foreign investment in real estate was restricted. The regime of Franco enacted fairly stringent laws that limited foreign investment in real estate.

Residential Real Estate in Spain – Single Family Properties

Over the course of the past decade, many foreign nationals have spent vast amounts of money on single family residences in Spain. Primarily these foreign nationals are buying the residences for use as second homes, for use on holidays to Spain. (Spain has been a popular end destination for European travellers for years.)

In many parts of Spain, the single family residential market is what some people would term a “buyer’s market.” In other words, people interested in buying residential, single family homes in Spain — including foreign nationals — have a significant number of housing choices available to them (in major cities and in rural communities alike).

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While the residential property market in major cities in Spain have found brisk sales for years, the rural areas in the country have also been experiencing an upswing in the property market in recent times also. Many people, including foreign nationals, are finding the ownership of homes in rural environments to be pleasing, appealing and cost effective. Generally, these people are buying in smaller communities in order to escape the hustle and bustle of the Spanish urban scene.

Residential Real Estate in Spain – Apartments

In large cities, such as the Spanish capital of Madrid and the coastal resort towns, the apartment market has been booming for the past fifteen to twenty years. A significant number of people have turned to apartment ownership when it comes to the buying of property and real estate in Spain.