Candy in Bulk: 5 Tips for Buying and Selling It

Candy in Bulk: 5 Tips for Buying and Selling It


Whether your tastes run to chocolate, fruit flavors, or sour, everybody loves candy in bulkBulk candy forms the staple of candy stores, with stacks of bins filled with long standing favorites as well as new flavors to try. Other shops are also successful with bulk candy, making it a winner with grocery stores, convenience stores, and gift shops.

So how can you make wholesale bulk candy work for your establishment? Here are 5 tips to help your business benefit from these popular bulk treats.


  • Use clear acrylic or plastic bins. Acrylic and plastic are both easy to clean and maintain, and neither will break easily. Even more importantly, acrylic and plastic bins are transparent, allowing your customers to see your delicious sweets. Whether you offer bulk chocolates, bulk Jelly Bellys, or bulk gummi candies, your customers should get a good look at everything.
  • Plan out your color scheme. There are many attractive ways to display your bulk candy. You can arrange it like a rainbow, with the reds on one side, oranges next, and on through to the purple and violet candies. Or you can create stripes with candies of one color alternating with candies of another. Part of the allure of retail bulk candy is the overall impression of the whole display, which gives people a sense of happiness and simple pleasure. Make sure to make that impression when you plan your color scheme.
  • Use accessories that fit small hands. Kids and candy are a natural fit, so make sure your candy scoops aren’t too big or the bags too difficult to open. Older kids might have their own money to spend on candy, and younger kids get great pleasure out of scooping their own. These are certainly customers who will buy as much of your tasty wholesale bulk candy as they’re allowed!


  • Display your candy in hinged bins. All of your bins should have lids with hinges, or some other means of covering your candy. Having a lid with hinges protects the unwrapped bulk candy from germs, keeps it from going stale, and makes it hard for anyone to accidentally put a handful in their pocket.
  • Offer both classic and new candies. You can’t go wrong with the old bulk candy favorites, like M&Ms, gummi bears, and malted milk balls. But consider trying some new ones, too, like Reese’s Pieces, gummi sharks, or chocolate covered almonds. Don’t forget the candies that are in the family of the classics, but have their own style, such as sour gummis, or sugar free chocolates.

Don’t forget that when it comes to selling candy in bulk, your best bet is to offer many choices, attractively displayed. There are so many candy wholesale options that you should be able to offer your customers a wide variety of delicious choices.