3 Creative Ways to Spice Up Your Countertop Displays

Countertop displays are some of the most common kinds of merchandise displays, and are critical for any kind of business that has a countertop – from gas stations and grocery stores to hotels and restaurants.

Because these displays can be so lucrative, it’s important to make sure you make your display is not only convenient to your customers but also visually appealing! To get started, check out the three ways you can spice up your countertop displays below.

1. Use Colored Acrylic Bins and Plastic Containers in Fun Shapes

Even if you don’t already have a countertop display and are using this information to help you create your first display, chances are you already know how popular acrylic bins and plastic containers are for displays. They’re versatile and durable and, once they’ve run their course out front, you can move them to the back of your store and use them as storage fixtures.

However, what you might not have known is that you can find acrylic bins and plastic containers in vibrant colors and fun shapes! You can use these options to make your countertop displays reflect the current season or holiday, your local college’s or high school’s colors, or any specific theme or décor you’ve already established for your store.

2. Use Two or More Display Fixtures Together

It’s easy to create countertop displays with acrylic bins and plastic containers by themselves, but when you pair them with other display fixtures – such as wire display racks or convenience store racks designed small enough to rest on countertops – you not only create more visual appeal and possibly make the display more convenient for your customers, but you also increase the amount of countertop space you have to work with AND the amount of space you have for merchandise!

If you plan to use other display fixtures with your acrylic bins or plastic containers, make sure you either choose the fixtures that will work with the containers you already have OR choose the containers that will work with the fixtures you already have.

3. Use Pre-Filled Candy Displays

No matter what kind of store, restaurant, or other business you manage, chances are high your customers would appreciate a candy display.

Pre-filled candy displays take the work out of  https://www.dating-vergleich.com/ creating your own candy display and, because there are so many different kinds of pre-filled candy displays, you’re sure to find the display your customers would like the most and the one that would be most lucrative for you.


  • Gumball Machines: You can find gumball machines designed to rest on countertops and pre-filled with colorful gumballs. You can even find these machines pre-filled with other kinds of candy and snacks and even small novelty toys.
  • Lollipop Trees: Just like gumball machines, some lollipop trees are also designed “short” enough that you can situate them on your countertop.
  • Pre-Filled Candy Containers: Most pre-filled candy containers (which are typically just plastic containers or acrylic bins) are filled with gumballs; however, you can sometimes find them filled with other kinds of candy your customers might like.