What Selling Skills do You Need for Your Home Based Business?

Selling skills are imperative in keeping and maintaining a steady income stream for your home based business. There are so many articles written on sales and yet the general message is the same.

Most of us already have the basic selling skills necessary. We just need to practice and enhance the sales skills we have. The components of a business sale are really quite simple. They are as follows:

Qualify Your Prospect

Product Pros and Cons

Finding the Fit

Win / Win

Qualify Your Prospect

Qualifying your prospect is not only the first but the single most important step to determining if you really do have a buyer. Some very important questions you should ask will be:

What is it that you are looking for?

When do you need the product or service?

What exactly do you expect this product or service to do?

Have you used this product or service before?

Why do you feel you want the product or service?

What exactly are you looking for?

This can be a loaded question for you because it will answer so many other questions. You may find that the prospect doesn’t really have an idea or they are vague on what it is they want or need.

The prospect may tell you what they don’t want instead. Whatever the answer is, you now have some insights into whether they are really serious buyers or just fact gathering for a later sale (still a prospect). If they say that they are not really sure, then you can ask some more specific questions to decide whether you have a buyer, a prospect or a time waster (a time waster has no intention of buying just window shopping – and wasting your time). As your selling skills get better you will recognize them much sooner.

When do you need the product or service?

Having a time frame will help you in determining priorities. If they need it yesterday then they are not only serious buyers but they need your full attention now. Your energy can then go into creating the product or service fit. If they don’t have a time frame you may still need to continue qualifying with other questions.

One point that you should keep in mind is that you should ask as many questions as possible to be able to determine a buyer, prospect or time waster. Most prospects will turn into buyers eventually, so you should always be as helpful as possible however you do need to recognize when to back off and move on to more profitable activities such as working with a qualified buyer! This selling skill will come with experience and with the more business sales you have under your belt.