Symbolic Meaning Of Flowers: Another Way To Celebrate Valentine’s Day

With Valentine’s Day approaching the time has come to choose the present that you will give to your lady. Flowers are certainly one of the most popular gifts for a man to give to a woman on Valentine’s Day. But they seldom give other flowers as red roses as they are usually considered as the only type of flowers to give on Valentine’s Day. You have to know that over the ages, people assigned certain meanings to flowers; which provides you with the opportunity to make your gift even more specialized.

This article will help you to interpret the diverse languages of the flowers, so that you can choose the one that best matches the stage of your relationship: you won’t be giving the same sort of flowers to your wife that you adore for 10 years as those you gave when she was a young girl.

Lack of confidence can stop you to express your feelings to your beloved one, avoid this problem by giving her a bouquet of may; which stands for the hopes of a timid heart : “You’re the only lady of my thoughts. Would your answer meet my wishes…?” Or you can get some help from multi-coloured pansies that will make her find out that your heart is loving her.

Valentine’s day is the perfect day to dare to express your passion this is the reason why you will be sending white gardenia or white carnations as they are related to secret passion. Azalea or blueberries are another way to dare to express your feelings while multi-coloured tulips are the way to emphasize the serment that this love is sincere and will last forever.

If you want to tell your beloved one how lovely she is, you will be giving her red camellia; on the other hand white camellias you will ensure her about the devotion of your feelings. There are several different ways to declare how you feel about a lady and jasmine can help you in doing so: with red jasmine you will talk about madness, white jasmine will be sweetness and yellow jasmine will be passion.

While white lilies are the loveliest way to express the innocence, harmony and purity of your feelings, the easiest way to explain your innocence and cheerful sentiments is made through a bouquet of daisies or orange-blossom. You may want to choose to give straw flowers that will express to your wife how much your love is strong as these flowers never die. Orchids are related to sensuality and temptation. By contrast, white/red, red or purple fuchsia and flamed iris will tell your woman that your heart is burning with passion for her.

Rose is the flower of love, in any occasion. And each of their colors have a also special meaning. Red rose stands for passion; pink rose is a kept promise as well as charm, pleasure, beauty and admiration. While white rose is the honesty of your feelings, lavender pink is the symbol of love at first sight and conveys the idea of love at first sight. Orange roses will tell your sweetie how much sexy and adorable she is. Full-bloomed roses stand for your engagement while blue roses express tranquillity and a gentle harmony