Sophisticated iPad Publishing Software with Realistic Simulation

Readers using iPads expect the most sophisticated of experiences from the apps. It is only natural because the tablet gadget from Apple is one of the most advanced pieces of technology on the planet. The traditional PDF files fall short of delivering an excellent aesthetic experience. The format is very academic and offers no additional encouragement to go through what is written. This often results in high bounce back rates from the user who reads a little portion of the text only to close the file because of boredom. Now, you can upgrade the PDF experience to highly sophisticated iPad Publishing Software. Realistic iPad PublishingThe new ipad magazine app offers the amazing realistic simulation to turn magazine pages among other benefits. The pages can be turned to and fro just as a real magazine by hold and drag action on the touch screen. Setting up the customized magazine is only too easy with the convenient publication systems. You will have to prepare the file in PDF first and then upload it into the online system for complete customization.

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The online system is subscription based on paid plans but you can see the experience firsthand by a FREE Demo Trial. Proceed with the publication once you like the demo feel. Already, thousands of publishers across the world are using this digital format to publish attractive magazines in all niches. Of course, the responsive digital magazine can be published across all screen resolutions such as smart phones, tablets, desktops, and laptops. The convenient subscriptions plans already serve the purpose of thousands of online publishers looking for something better than the traditional PDF files.    Rich User ExperienceThe user experience delivered by the iPad Publishing Software is incredibly rich! Pages are fully customizable in colourful layouts. You can set the blocks of texts and images in a very attractive manner. Videos can be embedded with ease for the liveliest user experience. The social media plugins allow readers to share the individual posts in the magazine or the full publication. The separate URL provided for the magazine makes it easy to share and embed the entire publication online. It can be sent across as an attractive newsletter by periodic emails. The dynamic web pages also allow users to comment on the posts. Most amazingly, this latest format of digital publication allows the reader to turn the pages of the magazine in a realistic virtual simulation!  Several SEO BenefitsThe wonderful user experience by itself delivers significant SEO benefits because of increased traffic. The format will not only keep the reader engaged, but also encourage to share and keep looking forward to the next issue of the magazine. Excellent analytics features offered in the iPad Publishing Software system