Skateboarding Tricks for Beginners

Skateboarding is a great past-time and sport for many people. However,Skateboarding Tricks for Beginners Articles it is definitely a challenge for beginners to complete some of the amazing tricks that the advanced skateboarders and professionals make look so easy when they do them. In order to build up to those amazing tricks though, skateboards need to begin with the basics. Here are five simple skateboarding tricks that those who are just starting out should know: 1) Ollie The Ollie is the most basic of skateboarding tricks. It is simply when a skater takes the tail of the plank to the ground and jumps at the same time. This forces the skater and the board into the air, and then, to the ground. It is the most basic

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and most used trick. 2) Kickflip A Kickflip looks really cool even with how simple it can be. The skater needs to pop the skateboard up in the air as they would for an Ollie, and then, use the front foot to flick the nook of the plank. This will force the board to spin and do a full rotation. 3) Boardslide This is a popular trick for many beginners use to show off since it does requires a little more balance and skill. A Boardslide is when the skater rotates the board to slide across a surface by using the axle (or trucks) of the skateboard. 4) Nollie A Nollie looks very similar to an ollie, however, it is a very different trick. Instead of popping the board up, the skater is going to force the nose of the board down with their front foot and use their back foot to force the back of the board in the air. 5) Boneless The Boneless trick is one of the more old school tricks of skateboarding. To do this trick, the skater must ride their board at a moderate to slow speed, bend down and grab the plank, then jump. The skater must lad a little ahead of it and land with both feet at the same time. Skateboarding is a great sport and these tricks are an easy way to start. Always remember to be safe and wear the appropriate safety gear when skateboarding, especially when participating in tricks. Also, tricks always don’t come naturally, so if you don’t get it on the first try, don’t give up! It will feel great once you land your first Ollie!