Russian Brides – Who Are They?

are looking for Western husbands. There are so many women that it might seem all of the young females in Russia have decided to leave their country. This is only an illusion, though. Russia and Ukraine are very big countries with huge populations, and women who are searching for husbands abroad represent less than 0.01% of all single Russian women.

The girls who place their ads with dating services, hoping to find a husband in the USA or Europe, have various reasons to do so. The most common reason is that they have heard from friends and the media that Western men treat women better than Russian men do. They have heard that drinking isn’t such a problem in these Western countries as it is in Russia, and that men actually care for their families.

So, the common perception that mail-order brides are searching for a better lifestyle isn’t quite right. In reality, they are searching for a better man than they can get in Russia or Ukraine. See more information about single Russian womenwho are looking for Western husbands.

What makes Western men to look for a Russian bride?

At first glance, it might seem very strange that so many men are prepared to spend thousands, to bring a foreign wife to their country and struggle with all the differences of language and culture. Wouldn’t it be easier to find a decent wife at home?

Western men have many reasons, to look for Russian wives:

Some are fascinated by Russian culture and want a partner who would not only share this fascination, but actually be a part of this culture

Some are middle-aged men, who were unhappy in a previous relationship but are prepared to try again, with a lady who is still young enough to have children. As you know, in Western culture marriages with age differences of 5 years, or more, are not common; so, if a man were 45-50, he would be unlikely to find a partner under 40 years of age, in his own country