Reflect Your Mood with Slide Charms

As the name depicts, the slide charms can easily slide into something like a bracelet strap or a chain. People have started to use these charms to make bracelets in particular that go with their particular mood and dressing.

There are various kinds of these charms among which the most common include the alphabet charms, number charms, animal charms, heart charms, and certain other shapes. Furthermore, bigger jewelry supplies stores like Pandahall jewelry supplies store offer you the facility of choosing the material and metal color. For each of the various kinds, the material and metal color differ. The famous ones are brass, alloy, rhinestone, or a combination of these three materials. The metal color can be platinum, golden, antique silver, mixed color etc.

Making your jewelry items from scratch does not only takes time, but material as well. You can use your leather bracelet to carry animal charms when going from riding and the next day the same bracelet can be used for carrying your name. This way you are able to save one leather bracelet. Slide charms can be used to spell any message, your name, your lover’s name, a phone number, or reflect your mood/nature via animal charms or other.

Slide charms can also be used as a hanging for your cell phone within your purse, or you can use it to make accessories for your dog like you can take a thin collar for your dog and insert his name or write “Love You” with the alphabet slide charm. These charms can also come handy in serious situations like where patients are supposed to carry their number with them in case of an emergency; they can insert their number in a bracelet or use as a hanging with their mobile.

Pandahall jewelry supplies offer you a very convenient shopping of slide charms by categorizing the various slide charms on its website. Not only the Pandahall jewelry supplies store offers slide charms, but also the other necessary jewelry supplies that can be used along the charms including the leather bracelet, chains, and other items you can think of.

Slide charms can be good starters for newbies in the world of jewelry making as these charms are really easy to use. Simply start with buying a leather bracelet and some slide charms. Slowly slide the charms on the bracelet and