ISO 23601 – The International Standardization of Internal Safety of Building

While the principal impetus is being given to the architecture,ISO 23601 – The International Standardization of Internal Safety of Building Articles structural drawing, interior and other issues, at the same time; special care is taken for the safety planning of the building, which is considered one of the most crucial issues in the building plan.

Today, almost all residential and commercial building are planned in such a way that the rescue and escape routes are clearly mentioned and maintained, which could be helpful for their human resources to get evacuated. These days, due to massive development in the international trade and finance; there are lots of movements of transport vehicles, including cargo ships, and manpower from one place to another country, which is growing day by day.

The safeguarding of this manpower from any kinds of disaster; there are lots of arrangements are being made, is a crucial issue and suitable safety arrangements are required to ensure the safety. The International standard of ISO 23601 is nowadays followed by people across the world, which is considered as the basic parameters of escape and rescue plan for any building ship or structure.

Important Features and Information

International Organization for Standardization, popularly known as ISO worldwide, is a global federation of all national level of standards bodies, who are recognized as member bodies of ISO. The preparation of international standards is the principal task of ISO, which is being done by the technical committees of different segments. Almost all sorts of industrial, trading, services are now having the respective ISO certification and the building construction, including design principle is not an exception. Although the main drawing or plan of the building comes under one category of standardization, the different elements, attached to the building are having separate ISO standards.

The safety measures are now considered as the most crucial part of any building plan and the planning of escape or rescue route is the most important part and these are planned, according to the standard specification, mentioned in ISO 23601 documents. The scope under this standardization is specifically addressed the issues, related to the safety measures of the building, which helps its occupants to get suitable and important support in case of evacuating the building, in the case of any emergency. Not only the clear mentioning of the escape routes; the sign and positions of safety installations, such as; emergency phone, fire brigade phone, extinguishers, first aid box etc. are also mentioned in the plan.


In almost all countries, across the world; this kind of international standards are being practiced in building plans to get the best and effective solution of evacuation in case of fire or earthquake. Two issues are very popular in this respect i.e. Flucht und rettungsplan; these are German words, which means escape and rescue plan for any building or structure. These are considered as the best application of the international standards of building safety and are incorporated by almost all architects, engineers and experts, throughout the world. According to the ISO 23601 standard; there are some signs and installations to inform the occupants of any building, which can be followed in the event of any emergency, such as; escape plan, escape route, notice of fire safety etc.