Information On Becoming A Notary: Simple Steps Explained

Many of the men and women in the legal system are interested in becoming a notary. A notary is a legal officer appointed by the State that can notarize documents, testify as a legal witness, and make affirmations. There is information on becoming a notary at your local library, and on the internet.

The basics of what you need to know can be found in the Notary Handbook. The first step to becoming a notary is meeting the pre-qualifications. You must have passed the BAR exam, and be in good standing with the BAR Association for at least the past five years. You must submit to a criminal background check, as well as a check on your driving record. All the information on becoming a notary will be worthless if you have any felonies on your record. The most difficult part of the process is passing the notary exam.

Your main vessel of information on becoming a notary lies in the notary handbook. It can be downloaded from any Secretary of State website, and contains the information that will be on the test. The test is usually multiple choice, and covers a variety of topics from duties of a notary to various codes of law. There are associations for notaries that can help prospective legal aids study for this exam. It costs slightly more, but they will help you greatly with the outcome.

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Once you have passed the exam, you must be commissioned by the Secretary of State. It is a formality and is earned after passing the exam. Once you have become commissioned, or have been given a license, you must choose what kind of notary you would like to be.


Information on becoming a notary is easy to find when you look up the types of notaries that exist. You have your choice of being a signing agent, civil law notary, or a variety of other options. You should be able to find any more information on becoming a notary in legal trade magazines. There are often advertisements by the NNA, an organization that specializes in helping notaries become better at their craft.