Illinois Prison Murders – An Open Letter to Illinois Leadership

Illinois prisoners are being murdered with impunity by means of medical neglect and abuse. The legal liabilities the state has created over twenty years by the unsupervised use of private contracting for medical care, is enough to bankrupt fifty states. Yet, your focus is fixed upon costs and cost containment. Until quality of care becomes your focus, your legal liabilities for negligent homicides will skyrocket until a class action lawsuit ends the murders and injuries.

Start with the examination of individual prisoner lawsuits based on medical complaints, over the past twenty years. How many were filed twenty years ago? How many last year? What was the nature of complaints? What was the disposition of these suits? How many plaintiffs died before their suits were settled? How many suits were dismissed due to legal and technical issues? How many of you care about the answers to these questions?

Your problem is fairly simple to see, define and solve. It begins with definitions. Health Care: The PREVENTION of disease. Medicine: The treatment of symptoms and diseases caused by the lack of health care. There is little institutional health care available in America at any price. Only medicine. Medicine which treats, seldom cures and often multiplies illness in ways no one observes, including the patient. Where does the name patient come from? It applies to all citizens awaiting medical help. If you want any help at all, you must be patient.

When cost containment of medical care is your primary objective, you must shift focus from medicine to health care. An ounce of prevention is worth ten to one hundred pounds of cure. Prisoners require pounds of prevention, due to a high stress lifestyle forced upon them 365 days, without a break.

Stress destroys immune function. The more continuous and prolonged the stress, the greater the immune destruction. Every prisoner has depressed immune function within six months of entry into your disease mills. You are creating the problem by the nature of imprisonment itself. You have three good solutions to your problem and there may well be more. If you apply them, you can learn more about true health care in two years, than the medical establishment has learned in the past century. This can be passed along to your free citizens in inexpensive health care programs. You have a golden opportunity with a captive population to create health care as an alternative to the medicine no one can afford or really wants. You can quickly create a health care model for the world.