How to Make them see a Fish, But be a Shark

Making other gamblers in a casino poker room can give you a big advantage. Here are some ways you can make it seem like it is your first time in a casinos poker room.


The poker rooms host or hostess will walk you to your poker table. The people at the table will be expecting a new player and will be looking to see who they will bring over, so make sure from the moment you walk into the casinos poker room you have your gambling face on. The bluffing in poker does not start at the table it starts the minute you enter the room. They will be looking to size you up, so make sure you throw them off from the get go, this way all assumptions they make based on that first impression will be wrong. Look around the room in amazement; maybe even stumble a bit because you were looking around and not where you were going.

Make sure to allow your face and demeanor to announce what kind of hand you are holding. Once it has been established with the other players that you have no poker face it will be easy to bluff them. But this can be a bit tricky. If you successfully fake them out they may begin to think that something funny is going on. Maybe at some point during the game when you have a bad hand allow a loud sigh to escape from you, then look around the table to see if anyone noticed, but don’t let them know you know they noticed. Then try to bluff and make sure it does not work.

When you have a really good poker hand you want to let everyone know, so a good way to do that is to start making big raises with your bets and put a big smile on your face. If done right the other players should start to fold. Latter on in the game after you have done this two or three times you will get away with doing it with a bad hand and no one will know that you were bluffing. Make sure that when you start to give a tell that you have a good hand you actually have a really strong hand. You need to have at least a full house to make sure there are good odds of you winning.

It is also good if at the beginning to just play bad. Stay in and bet big with just a pair in your hand. If I was at a table with someone who played like that I would assume they either did not know how to play, they just do not play well or they just do not play often, and I would assume that this player was a fish.

Just as you should dress for success in the business world in the world of casino poker room texas holdem you have to dress right. Normally you would not want to look like an idiot at the poker table, but in this case you do want to look stupid. If you watch poker on TV you see how the pros dress, this is not at all how a normal gambler would dress in a poker room, but if you dress like this the people will think that you just watch too much television and won’t take you for a serious player.

Always Remember you want people to think that you are a first time player, but you also want to win some money, so playing foolish the entire time will make them think that you obviously do not know how to play, but you are not going to win any of their money and they are going to go home with yours. This is not the kind of thing that you need to set up for the next time you are at that casino.