How to Earn an Income with Product Resell Rights

There are many different types of resell rights.  They may come in groups to be sold for a very low price, or they could be offered for a multi-figure amount on a single product.  Not only will the size and form vary, but there are also a number of different types of rights that will allow for different opportunities.



If you have the basic resell rights, you only have the right to sell the product.  Making claims that the product is your own or reselling it to another person is out of the question.  However, basic resell rights are most often the cheapest, which means that earning a profit might be easily attained.


You’ll want to make sure to read the terms to find out how much you can offer the product for or if it can be given away as a freebie in addition to something else.  There could also be conditions regarding the distribution of the product from membership and auction sites.



It’s a good idea to be well-versed in the product knowledge if you are buying rights to software.  This is important for any troubleshooting inquiries that might arise.  On occasion, some software rights sellers expect to handle the inquiries themselves.  A web sales page may be included with the product, but be sure to look for any restrictions.


Another type of rights is master resell rights, which usually include a web page along with the product.  Master resell rights allow you to sell the product as well as give this right to your customers.  Yet, the agreement stops there.  Your customers are not allowed to give away the resell rights for the product to customers of their own.  If you find a master resell rights package that includes a zip file that has everything needed to use for your download page, this is one of the best options available.



Private label rights come in two different types.  The first type is also referred to as source code rights.  The product is the raw source material that you can develop into a finished piece.  Programs for this type come in the source code format; information products come in a word processor format such as MS Word.


This type of rights gives you permission to alter the product in any way, shape or form.  You have the right to add more content, remove parts, divide it into several products and add your name as the author.  In some cases, the resell rights and the master resell rights may be able to be sold by you.  Just remember to carefully examine the terms and conditions, which should be posted.  The majority of private label rights packages will also include graphics as well as a web page that can be used for selling purposes.