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Get The Assistance Of A Reliable Commissioner Of Oaths

Commissioner of Oaths is people licensed to witness the signing of documents, administering oaths and the other related works. If you want to avail this service, then you will be provided these services with the help of your local solicitor or appointed Commissioner of Oaths. The solicitors are identified as the commissioner for oaths. This Commissioner for Oaths can be a barrister in practice, solicitor who is in practice, notary public and any legal executive appointed by The Ministry of the Attorney General who processes applications for members of the public (who are not lawyers) and who wish to be appointed commissioners for taking affidavits or non-lawyer notaries public in Ontario.

Importance of the service

According to Ministry of Attorney General –

“A commissioner for taking affidavits may take affidavits and administer other legal oaths,affirmations or declarations within or outside Ontario, or subject to any territorial limit the Attorney General may specify, as permitted by the Commissioners for taking Affidavits Act.

Effective December 31, 2012, the Commissioners and Other Persons Who May Take Affidavits regulation will replace the current statutory designations of commissioners for taking affidavits by virtue of office. Commissioners by virtue of office may take affidavits without applying to the Ministry of the Attorney General for a commissioner appointment. For further information, please review the frequently asked questions for officeholders granted this commissioner status and refer to the regulation.

A notary public has all the powers of a commissioner for taking affidavits, and can also verify that signatures, marks and copies of documents are true or genuine. Notaries public are governed by the Notaries Act.”

The information the affiant provide must be true. If the individuals provide the false information then he or she will be convicted for the false swearing.

Fees of Commissioner for Oaths

An affidavit is used for different legal proceedings, business and administration purpose. The affidavit is considered as an official statement which the individuals can rely on. There are two important considerations when availing the Commissioner of Oaths service and they are what the function of Commissioners for Oaths is and what the fee of Commissioner for Oaths is. The fees are charged for taking the affidavits, affirmation for each individual.

Be sure about authentication

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Individuals very frequently find that they have the need of availing the Commissioner of Oath’s services in order to witness the signing of documents. You can easily meet your needs employing a local solicitor for the task. Make sure that the solicitor you have found has knowledge and experience in dealing different document signing and swearing issues. Be sure that the solicitor you are going to deal with provides an authentic service. With an expert’s assistance, you will be able to meet your affidavit needs in a hassle free manner.