How does an underground cable locator work?

ormally when there are cables that are faulty and that needs to be dug up for repairs. You can’t dig up the whole area just to find the faulty cable.

With the locate underground cable locator, you will be able to find the cable a lot easier and will make sure that the process of getting to the cable and to repair and put the cable back is so much faster. Getting back to normal function faster, without leaving a mess that was unnecessary for finding the cable.

Two methods for locating underground cables

There are two methods for locating underground cables. Both of these methods work easily and efficiently. The only problem is that you need to understand the two methods for locating the cables before you can actually decide on one. Especially, if you are going to hire this type of service, and you need to choose which method to use. These are the two methods for locating underground cables.

Active location. With this method, the services are going to inject a specific frequency signal using a transmitter and then tracing it with a receiver in the ground. This will show where the cable is and where the fault might be.
Passive location. When using this method, they are ensuring that the cables are getting detected by detecting the electromagnetic field with the help of a detector or receiver.

How it works

With most of these underground cable locators, they are making use of frequencies to detect underground cables and pipes. And, this is making it easier to find the right cable and to start searching for where the fault might be on the cable.