Today human activities are such that for mere immediate gains is hell bent on tampering with the environment and nature at just about any cost. Each year humans are filling up the environment varied principles reeking with toxicity in alarming measure. Air, water, soil etc are now brimming with poisonous materials. Where on the one hand smoke levels increasing in the atmosphere is harming human health there at the other end nature’s balance is going haywire. With the aim of immediate benefits man tampers with nature and thus it is creating fearful hazards the world over.

According to survey experts industrial units lead from the front in spreading pollution. In smoke emitted by chimneys such elements like radioactive materials, sulfur dioxide nitrous oxide get mixed that directly affect our health and thus varied bodily and mental ailments ensue. In comparison to poor and backward countries wealthy and developed countries lead in manufacturing such products. Each year USA alone emits 1608 million ton sulfur dioxide, 4 million ton nitrous oxide and 506 million ton other toxic principles into the atmosphere. In America the measure of pollution emitted by nuclear power plants is 10 times and in Britain 20 times. Similarly apart from toxicity coming out from industries a big measure of smoke is emitted into air by household cooking. Plants also rot away slowly and emit methane gas into the environment. It definitely affects public health.