Have You Seen The Mind boggling Range Of Beds For Kids On The Marketplace?

The kids really liked the prospect of purchasing bunk beds. The wide range of bunk beds that was for sale on the net just made them even more excited.I have to admit that even I got excited as when I was a kid there was only one variety. Along with the excitment though, was a uneasy feeling. However the children’s friends already had bunk beds. It is just, I’ve always maintained they were too young, irrespective of what their peers thought or had. Accidents do happen. It turned out though, that my concerns were unwarranted because I read up on bunk beds and over the years, safety procedures had been put in place and manufactors had to abide by them when making the beds.

As the mattress had to be ordered individually, I also discovered how important it was to make sure it was the right size and fit. A mattress that is not the right size would prevent the child from having a good nights sleep and their head could also slip into the gap. It was also significant for parents to make weekly safety checks so that they know all fixtures and fittings are stable. The guard rails for the top bunk of the beds, also had to be present on both sides, not just one.

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One thing I still was not glad about was the ladder. An tumble waiting to happen was when the ladder was able to slide along the side of the bed. A better choice would a ladder that was fixed. A quantity of beds, however had a durable set of stairs instead of a ladder. Under the stairs, a store area is formed.

Now my kids are averagely responsible and well-behaved. Even so, I still sat them down and talked with them about the accidents that can be caused by silly play. They were warned that the bunk beds would be broken down if I saw them playing silly with them. I ordered the beds and then listened as my youngest daughter explained why she wanted a brand new bed. I had been hoping she would settle for one of the stompa beds from the older kids’ room, but it seemed unfair to insist when new kids’ beds were so reasonably priced.

In fact it helped me, as we picked a cabin bed with storage beneath. At least now, the kids room will look roomy instead of cramped. Option one can also now be put on hold. Throughout purchasing the kids beds, I noticed the Thuka beds that were for sale. I will remember them for the next time I have to upgrade the kids beds.