Fire Escape Ladder — Useful Tool to Get Away From the Jaws of Death

Yesterday I was flipping through the pages of the morning newspaper. Suddenly I came across a story that a couple escaped injury last night by crawling out of a window and down a ladder after a fire broke out in their business premises. Today again I was reading the newspaper suddenly my eyes got struck on a news ‘Fire traps five and kills four’. I couldn’t summon enough courage to read the full story. The people who died in the fire were my close friends. The deceased have not bothered to protect their home from fire.

There are many home owners like the deceased who tend to overlook the need of safety equipments and in the end have to pay the heavy price for committing negligence. This article is intended to suggest ways to prevent fire and the equipments you need in times of emergency to escape fire.

Keep a fire blanket within reach and extinguisher in your kitchen

To be on a safer side always keep a C02 fire extinguisher with in close distance to avert any damage in case a fire broke out

There should be smoke alarms in every room

And do not forget to keep a fire-escape ladder that hooks over the window ledge and can be kept in its box within easy reach.

Countless lives have been saved with the timely use of fire escape ladder. If the situation worsens you will not be able to save your home or office but at least you and your family members can get out safely with the help of fire escape ladder. Thanks to the fire escape ladder that ensure your safety even if the fire breaks out in the midnight. A fire escape ladder is indispensable for those living in a multistory building.

It is always a judicious move to well train your family members regarding the usage of the fire escape ladder in time of an emergency. Practice it once every month. After all it does not take much time for a full-blown fire to engulf your house. But with the regular practice you can bring some calm at the time you need an immediate exit.