Day 148

Thoughts: Meet Brandon: pioneer, gardener, earth man, restaurant owner, husband, father of 6 girls, a Director of Photography and Key Grip in the film industry that I had the pleasure of working with on “The Man In The Maze”, and is a member of Cannabis Defence Coalition and the National Organization for reforming marijuana laws.

I hope this blog does justice in re-creating the ‘out of the box’ conversation we had today about the plant that we have been taught is evil and as such we either want it to be legalized so that we can use it, or we want to protect our young ones from it and we fear our neighbours may be using it. Regardless of what category you fall under, there is no denying that no other plant source can compare with the nutritional value of CANNABIS/HEMP/MARIJUANA….
(For definitions of hemp, cannabis, hash, marijuana see the bottom of this blog)
Hemp advocate Brandon says…
“People on earth are allergic to wheat and soy. But no one is allergic to hemp.
I always think that whatever the earth provides, it is naturally going to be better for us.”
DID YOU KNOW…what Brandon wants us to know about hemp/marijuana
•“You can give kids with autism hemp.” Of course governments would laugh at this, and at first I was thinking well Brandon that’s a bit crazy and then I realized how backwards my thinking is… Is it really that crazy giving a child with autism natural grown plant hemp compared to a bunch of machine made artificial chemical pills?
•“There are thousands of uses for hemp, some are… • Hemp oil • Hemp ice cream • Hemp cereal • Hemp tofu • Hemp nut butters • Hemp waffles • Hemp milk • Hemp seeds • Hemp protein powder • Hemp clothes • Hemp bread • Hemp paper • Hemp is also a great pesticide for plants, it grows so thick and close to each other and builds a wall to keep other.
•”The government subsidizes corn which makes it equitable for farmers to grow (see tomorrows blog where I chat again with Brandon about corn and how it is not a natural food to this earth!). An acre would give, if you’re growing corn for bio diesel for example 1000 barrels would cost a lot of energy to produce, electricity, machinery, fuel, so hemp would produce 30,000 barrels of fuel and doesn’t need pesticides and fertilizers so it takes a lot less energy to produce from hemp. So if you want to save the planet and if you’re growing hemp to make paper, 1 acre of hemp would replace 5 acres of wooded forest.” (So why aren’t they using hemp? The answer is usually MONEY. )
•”William Hurst at the time owned The Times and the Enquirer, and the paper mill for their own newspapers were geared so it would costs millions of dollars to re-machine everything. That’s one of the reasons.”
•Also DuPont who are responsible for antiseptics, plastics, disinfectants, non-stick pans, cancer, car parts, electronics, the list goes on and if you remember my blog from Day 30 I wrote about Teflon and wrote about a story that leaked how the Teflon causes cancer and deformities, and they actually responded to my blog. You see they have people doing their work and constantly monitoring the internet for anything that is ‘truth’ and in their eyes ‘negative’ publicity. Yes this blog is being watched, of course it is. The money makers on this earth don’t like my blog at all. So Brandon says “DuPont is the major manufacture of ammunitions (gun powder) in this country since the civil war and their philosophy to save the world of their natural resources. DuPont are responsible for inventing all the synthetics, rayon (fabric made from stabilized gun powder which we wear and don’t know about), polyester, pesticides for farms and is killing us. They have their fingers all over the place. So it was between DuPont, Hurst and Harry Anslinger that made hemp illegal. Harry’s job was to bust moonershiners and when alcohol went out of prohibition he didn’t have a job so he had a good friendship with Dupont and Hurst and the 3 of them made hemp illegal. Well it didn’t become illegal, they made it impossible for you to grow.”
•“The pharmaceutical companies don’t give you anything natural; if everyone was growing hemp the pharmacies wouldn’t make money.” (Pharmaceuticals are the biggest money making company in the world…billions and billions, and think about it, they only make money if you are sick). “They did start with hemp based medicines until the 40’s and 50’s. Because they make more money keeping you sick then they do if you’re healthy. And they are for profit, so I guess you can’t blame them for that right?”

.cannabis samen
cannabis samen

“When this country was founded most of the clothes were made with hemp, and you actually had to pay taxes if you didn’t grow hemp, if you didn’t grow hemp you were in trouble. During World War 2, the government made a movie called “Hemp For Victory” where they encouraged farmers to grow hemp. You were considered a patriot if you grew hemp. Then after war ended they went back to synthetics and said no more of that.”
•“Back in the early days Levis made their jeans from hemp, and when you couldn’t patch up your jeans or clothes any more they would recycle it into paper.”
•“If you get hemp paper and you rip it, you get it wet and it bonds back together like it was never wet! (Fascinating…I had to see this so Brandon did it right in front of my eyes ).”
•“Benjamin Franklin who had the first newspaper made it out of hemp. They don’t teach this to American kids.”
•“Thomas Jefferson the fourth US president on the $20 bill risked his life and the life of his service men smuggling hemp seeds from China. He wrote in his diaries that some of his fondest memories were smoking hemp on his veranda starring out to the sunset.”