California Fitness Training Center with Personal Trainer

The focus on health and fitness has given rise to the Fitness Industry.  This industry has spawned sub-industries ranging from fitness centers and equipment to healthy food and food supplements to fitness gear.


Importance of Fitness

Longer more healthy life: Advances in the field of science and medicine have increased the life expectancy of mankind and research is constantly being done into how to cope with this longer life span.  No one wants to live a longer life if they are crippled with ill health or are incapacitated in their later years.  Therefore the focus is now on increasing the healthy and productive life span of an individual..  Focus on fitness has led to the advent of the personal fitness trainer

Change of life style:  Creature comforts are attractive but them come with the huge downside of a more sedentary lifestyle.  The hidden disadvantage is that the resultant reduced levels of fitness cause ill health.

Fitness and Health


Fitness and health though often used together are not one and the same.  Health refers to the condition of the human body and the functioning of the organs, while fitness is more concerned with the musculature and stamina of an individual.  Though the two subjects are different they are also interlinked as fitness leads to health.

Fitness centers or gyms have mushroomed around us and in this era of specialization, personal fitness trainers have become commonplace.

The Role of a Personal Fitness Trainer

Personal fitness trainers are trained professionals who specialize in different forms of exercise and fitness.  These professionals give a greater degree of personalization to your daily workout and therefore make it more productive.