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Digital marketing is currently the most adopted marketing method in GCC. With 92% internet penetration, it offers massive reach at lower costs, which is one of the reasons why new businesses in the region are turning to digital marketing like never before.

Let us examine the major digital marketing trends in GCC countries:

Social Media Gaining Popularity
Marketing through social media has become a new normal in GCC, thanks to the high social media usage rate. The region has one of the world’s highest number of social media users. According to the latest statistics put out by digital marketing companies in Dubai, 99% of adults in Qatar are active social media users and Kuwait comes second with 98%, followed by Bahrain 92%. . Also, the country that has the highest number of Instagram, Twitter, and Snapchat users is reportedly Saudi Arabia. Thus, social media marketing in GCC can be the best business promotion choice you could make.

Huge Amounts Spent on PPC Ads
PPC advertising is the best way to reach more customers at a low cost.. Digital ad spent has been reportedly high in GCC. Next year, the total amount spent targeting the GCC is expected to cross US$6.5 billion. Most digital marketing companies are moving towards programmatic advertising to meet the massive marketing demands. Multinational companies consider Dubai as the key target area for this.

The Growth of E-commerce
Just like being the leader in social media usage, the GCC has a high number of online shoppers. The Gulf region is accountable for around 80% of e-commerce sales in the MENA market. The UAE alone has a market share of more than 45%. According to Dubai Customs, by 2022, e-commerce sales in Dubai are expected to reach US$27 billion (100 billion AED). The rapid hike is the result of people shifting to online shopping due to the Coronavirus outbreak. The e-commerce industry will grow as most merchants are implementing online stores to sustain the pandemic. Moreover, virtual shopping will be the future with emerging technologies like AI and VR.

Influence of Local Culture
According to digital marketing companies in Dubai, understanding the local culture goes a long way towards developing a successful marketing strategy for GCC. For example, we have seen tech companies promoting their products during Ramazan, famous beauty brands emphasizing black hair, and automotive brands launching ad campaigns with deserts as their main theme.

Video Marketing

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In today’s fast-paced life, there is no surprise that people prefer video to other content types. Just like the other parts of the world, Gen Z in GCC is consuming video at a high rate. Videos can significantly improve brand visibility and drive more traffic. According to research, videos have higher chances to go viral, as more than 90% of mobile users share videos that they find interesting. But, not many businesses are tapping into this potential.

Take Away
GCC has fully embraced digital marketing. Therefore, you shouldn’t be reluctant to promote your brand on social media, create a video for your product or run a PPC campaign for the latest offers. Even for new businesses with a limited budget, digital marketing offers an excellent opportunity to reach out to the people they are targeting.