An overview of the Indian digital marketing Industry

Why digital promotion matters now?

Before we go into the digital marketing services in India, it is essential to understand the industry first. Digital marketing is a method of promoting products or services online. In simple term, it is a process of advertising the products to customers on the internet.

It is similar to the traditional concept of marketing. Earlier, companies used to invest money to promote on the newspaper, radio, hoarding, and other channels. That is because these channels receive a lot of potential customers. It is natural for companies to promote products where their consumers are residing. That led to the origin of the advertising products on Radio and TV as they had massive audiences.

In the same way, digital marketing promotion has originated and grown at an exponential rate nowadays. That is because the users on the internet are increasing by leaps and bounds. If any company is not using the digital landscape, that organization is likely to stay behind the competitors.

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What makes digital marketing stands out from the rest is the ability to reach targeted audience irrespective of their geographic locations. Whether a firm wants to target locality, domestic market or foreign countries, everything is possible for business now. They need a digital marketing services company to run a dedicated campaign on the search, social media, Youtube, and other channels. Reaching to the targeted audience through the digital platform is far more comfortable than a push marketing.

Which are the most popular services in digital marketing in India?

Digital marketing is a vast field. It has many sub-sectors which are growing in popularity among the users. Further, there are many services divided based on the platform, origin, and contents. Here are the top services which are an integral part of digital marketing:

Search engine optimization (SEO) service.
Social media marketing like Facebook advertising.
Email marketing.
Video marketing.
Content marketing.
PPC advertising like Google ads, Bing ads, and so on.
And others.

The list of services is vast, but companies must choose for promotion after analyzing the need and target audience. In this way, the advertisement should be directed towards reaching the desired goal for a company. What it means even the best strategy may not work choosing the wrong platform and services for business.

For instance, the SEO service is best for companies who want to bring organic leads and sales. An SEO campaign may take months to show its impact on the traffic and lead generation. In this situation, a company can’t demand results soon after hiring an SEO company in Delhi or Mumbai. For instant results in leads and sales, PPC service is the best bet for them.