American Cars

There is great excited news that recently few cars are also manufactured in American market. In the past most of the cars were being produced in the Japan. Now you can see a bright car manufacturing future of America. It is fact that Japanese cars are found to be the most reliable and standard cars all over the world. The American cars are good but inferior to the cars produced in other famous countries.

No doubt the America cars having good reputation and are acceptable. From the very beginning of their car manufacturing industry all the manufactured cars are good in quality and considered to be reliable cars.

However the Japanese carmakers revolutionized the car industry by presenting innovative design and models of various different cars.

There’s been a great deal of excitement lately over some of the car is being produced and the American market. While some of this hoopla seems to be deserved I do think that we should look at the future of American autos with a skeptical eye. I hate to admit that a product made in America is inferior to a product made in another country, but foreign vehicles and Japanese cars in particular, have said an industry standard for quality, reliability, and holding resale value. On of the main flaw of American cars is their use of poor electrical components and general lack of trustworthiness. Rather than all the facts the American cars are getting fame and may be in the future they can have a good competition with the Japanese cars.

When we talk about the American cars the “Big three” come into the mind. The Big Three is actually the name of three major automobile companies of the America which is Chevy, Ford Motor Company and Chrysler Corp.