5 Key Benefits of Enterprise Search Tools Today

Unstructured data is what comprises a major chunk of enterprise data today, and the exponential growth of data in general only means that there will be more growth in the volumes of unstructured data. When it comes to this non-optimized form of data, there is a huge challenge that enterprises face. This is because of the fact that unstructured data cannot be analyzed by the traditional enterprise search tools. However, the potential of this data is huge when it comes to useful insights required for driving business decisions. This is where the real challenge lies – analyzing the unstructured data effectively and accurately to provide the enterprises with the insights they need.

Thankfully, there are enterprise search tools today that are designed to solve this issue, and these tools like 3RDi Search and Coveo, offer the most powerful text mining features for a thorough analysis of unstructured data. When one goes through the popular enterprise search tool resources, available online, one can find several benefits that these tools bring. This article enlists the top 5 benefits.

1] Understanding User Query with Ease

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Natural Language Processing (NLP) are 2 technologies that the enterprise search tools use today in order to understand the user’s language and to make it easier for the machine to interact with the users. Tools today are capable of understanding human language, processing it and even generated output in the same language. In other words, this has made enterprise search more effective, interactive and definitely faster than ever.

2] Catering to Vocabularies of Different Domains

Every domain is different and comes with its own set of vocabularies. What is relevant to one domain is not usually relevant for the others, or might have completely different meanings. To avoid confusion and to ensure the tool sources the most relevant results every single time, there are distinct sets of vocabularies defined for each domain, and the enterprise search tool is well-equipped to manage all the different vocabularies seamlessly on a single platform.

3] Fetching the Most Relevant Results with Semantics

Going through the new age enterprise search tool resources shows that semantic technology or semantics is one if the key technologies used in these tools, to fetch the most relevant search results. The built-in technology enables the software to understand the context of the query as well as the intent of the user. This way, the search engine is able to fetch the most suitable results, instead of providing results that appear due to traditional keyword matching.


4] Offering Multiple Text Analysis Features

The most interesting thing to come across when analyzing enterprise search tool resources is that these tools offer not one or two, but an entire gamut of text analysis capabilities. This makes the platform powerful enough to successfully analyze even the most complex of unstructured data that businesses might have. Some of the features include content classification, named entity recognition, sentiment analysis and more.

5] Gives the Power of Analytics

This is also a key feature that one can find in the new age enterprise search tool resources very often. Analytics is a step beyond search, as it enables the business to analyze and find out insights from the data. The insights are very important for the organization to be able to formulate informed decisions for business growth. Data-driven decision making is the need of the hour for businesses today and this is where analytics help.


There are multiple benefits of enterprise search tools and the future only holds bigger and better possibilities. As the search technology advances, the world will witness more advanced tools that will set a new benchmark for enterprise search and its capabilities.